Even for those who’ve grown accustomed to turbo-paced news cycles, 2017 was a year for the ages. There were the daily tweet blasts and nightly cable news headlines of the Trump administration; North Korean leader Kim Jong Un‘s increasingly ominous threats and missile launches; and the #MeToo campaign, which has led to an endless parade of firings of powerful men in media, movies, politics, and just about everywhere else.

But as we’re fond of saying, most roads lead to housing—and indeed, many of the year’s biggest political, economic, and natural-disaster stories have had big ramifications for housing markets. So let’s cut through the clutter! What were 2017’s most noteworthy stories in residential real estate—and the ones you need to watch for in 2018?

The Republican tax plan has huge implications for housing

Unless you’ve been avoiding all contact with the outside world, you probably know that the GOP has been hard at work revamping the current tax code, and the latest is that Republicans from the Senate and House of Representatives have agreed on a compromise bill. This version must be voted on by the full House and Senate, likely next week.